Do you believe the Lord hears your cries and sends an angel to accomplish your prayer?  My mother fell a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday morning.  She found herself not being able to get up!  She said, “Satan…I am not your child. I am going to go to church and you can’t stop me!   I am God’s child!”  She then cried out to the Lord and asked Him to help her to be able to get up and go to church.  Suddenly, she was able to crawl to the chair and pull herself up!  She knew that God had helped her.  She had fallen into her knitting bag and had puncture wounds in her arm.  She cleaned herself, finished getting dressed for church and  picked up her friend and drove to church. What an amazing God we serve!

Numbers 20:16-18Amplified Bible (AMP)

 But when we cried to the Lord, He heard us and sent an angel and brought us forth out of Egypt.

My mother cried out to God and He heard her cries!  Guess what!  If you are going through an affliction and can’t seem to get up you can cry out to God too!  He is faithful and will hear your cries!  He will send an angel to bring you out of this affliction into His arms of love!  He loves you so much!


Author Spotlight: Jenny Hagemeyer – abc27WHTM

Just wanted to let you know….you can watch Jenny and Danny, our little mixed Shih Tzu on Good Day Pa live on Tv on abc27WHTM at 12:30 after the noon news Friday 12th or if you arent’ able to get that channel you can watch it live on this website! Please remember us in your prayers! God loves you and so do we!


Monday my husband and I were driving down to the shore looking forward to having a nice time of relaxation and fellowship with our family and friends. We had prayed and thanked God for a safe trip and declared the Angel of the Lord was encamped around us. We were sitting at a red light and all of a sudden a young woman rear ended us. The impact caused some pain in my back. The young woman kept telling me that she was so sorry and didn’t want us to call the police. However, I promised her that nothing would be done that wasn’t needed. Thankfully, our car just had a scratch and my husband didn’t have any injuries. The policeman told me that I would be stiff and sore the next day since he and his wife had experienced the same thing three months ago! Immediately, I thanked the Lord that I wouldn’t be stiff and sore and called my prayer warriors. My husband put arnica gel on it and I took Magnesium to relax the muscles. I had done all now I stood for God’s healing power! Praise God! I woke up the next morning pain free! I partnered with God and He put His super with my natural again!

Therefore put on God’s complete armor, that you may be able to resist and stand your ground on the evil day [of danger], and, having done all [the crisis demands], to stand [firmly in your place]. (Ephesians 6:13 AMP)

Did you put on your armor today? God loves you and so do we!

My husband and I had been out of town for four days visiting family and friends. There were times that I felt like I was on a roller coaster. Some of the hills were so steep that I felt like I would never reach the top in my emotions. I listened and saw the heartache and the good times in my family and friends. In the midst of this two of our grandchildren had birthday parties that were lots of fun yet involved some not so comfortable moments. Sometimes we feel there are just bends around the corners and other time we feel that it’s just too hard and too complicated in our lives. As I listened to their emotional, physical and mental pain, I realized that those mountain tops are sometimes far and few in between the valleys of our life. One of my friends was in her last stages of cancer and Fred and I said our goodbyes to her. Actually, I saw more peace in her than some other people in this world that don’t have any illness. She was ready to meet her God even though she was 68 years old. She died two weeks later and today is her memorial service. I began to think about how our lives are so busy that we aren’t taking time for each other. Sometimes we feel and think good things about others but don’t say them. I had twenty minutes to tell her what she meant in my life. We don’t know how many minutes, days, weeks, months or years we have with each other. Let’s stop saying words of judgement, criticism and discouragement to each other and love one another just as we are! After, all God gives us His grace daily!

Proverbs 18:4 says, “The words of a man’s mouth are deep waters;The wellspring of wisdom is a flowing brook.

Let’s give those disappointments to the Lord and ask Him for His words of wisdom to others that will flow like a brook of fresh, clean water! God loves you and so do we!

One of my sisters in our ministry team sent me an e-card with this scripture that encouraged me to write this:

Psalm 126:3 (NIV)
The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.

Yesterday I celebrated my 65th birthday! What! You mean I am now on Medicare? How can that be? Wasn’t it just yesterday that my children were little and needing so much attention? The years continue to roll on and we wonder how in the world did we become this age. Sometimes we look at the negative side of growing older and don’t see the positive side of how God has brought us through so many trials and testings! So…I decided to celebrate the years my God has taken me through. All of the good ones including the bad ones. What satan meant for evil God turned it for my good and His glory. I celebrate those times that I drove down Drama Queen drive to find His peaceful streams of love waiting for me. I celebrate my husband, Fred and how God placed us together. I celebrate the good and hard times in our marriage and how it’s brought us even closer! I celebrate my good health along with the peace and joy emotionally and spiritually. I celebrate our four children and twelve grandchildren. I celebrate my mother and how she fought for me in the midst of turmoil in her life. I celebrate all my special friends that He has placed in my life throughout these years. Some have stayed with me for many years some I see every once in a while and some I haven’t seen for many years. I celebrate all of my special church and Bible study sisters along with my special brothers and sisters in South Carolina. I celebrate my life of how God has called me to be used as His vessel of love for His children and the special team of women that He has called to walk beside us in the ministry. I celebrate the privilege of writing three books under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I celebrate how I received the gifts of sorrow and pain that have led to the fruit of God’s love, joy and peace. I celebrate all the Pastors and their wives that have been a part of my life. I celebrate those that have prayed and mentored me in these years. I celebrate my dad and all of my friends and family that are with Jesus. I know someday I will join the Praise serve for all eternity worshiping and praising our God for all of His goodness! Most of all I celebrate my life with my Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit! You have done great things for me and I am filled with your joy! Who says growing older is a pain! Who says that a Christian life is boring? I love my life with all of you! What a beautiful tapestry God has woven into my life! This is a new day, a new time and a new order. God loves you and so do we!

The press release on my newest book, “Lessons from Danny” was released today for journalists to review. Would appreciate your prayers on God’s direction for all three books! Thanks so much!

Canine Teaches Christians in New Book, “Lessons from Danny”

Belleville, PA (PRWEB) June 13, 2014 — Author Jenny Hagemeyer’s four-legged companion reveals message for Christians.